Revealing Christ in All We Teach: A Guide to Catholic Faith Permeation for all Grades in Saskatchewan Catholic Schools

Catholic Faith permeation is the intentional integration of religious teachings and values throughout all aspects of education in Catholic schools. It involves infusing the Catholic faith into every subject and activity, ensuring that students see the relevance and applicability of their beliefs in all areas of their lives. This approach fosters a holistic learning experience that nurtures spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth, helping students develop a strong sense of identity and purpose rooted in their Catholic faith.

These teaching resources cover Grades 1-9 English Language Arts, Health, Science, Social Studies, Grade 10-12 ELA A ELA B.

We hope that these resources will help you to encourage your classrooms to growing in faith, growing in Christ, teach about the Sacraments in the classroom, and exceed the Saskatchewan Catholic Studies Curriculum.

The Catholic faith plays a vital role in elementary school education, providing a strong foundation for the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of young learners. In Catholic elementary schools, students are exposed to teachings rooted in the Gospel, which instill values such as love, compassion, integrity, and respect. The Catholic faith offers a comprehensive framework that guides students in understanding their purpose in life and encourages them to develop a personal relationship with God. Through religious instruction, prayer, and participation in sacraments, children cultivate a deep sense of spirituality and learn the importance of living out their faith in daily life. This emphasis on Catholic teachings helps foster a nurturing and supportive community where students can grow in character, make ethical decisions, and build strong moral foundations. Furthermore, the integration of Catholic values across various subjects, such as history, literature, and social studies, allows students to explore the interconnectedness between their faith and the world around them. Overall, the Catholic faith in elementary school offers an invaluable framework that nurtures the whole child, nurturing their spiritual growth and equipping them with a solid ethical compass for the future.