9-Year Long-Service Awards: 


  • Michelle Rusteika, Lloydminster RCSSD #89
  • Maurice Chalifour, Prince Albert RCSSD #6


  • Rocky Sidloski, Holy Family RCSSD #140
  • Pat Hordyski, Prince Albert RCSSD #6


  • Joann Blazieko, Holy Trinity RCSSD #22
  • Stephanie Merkowsky, Light of Christ RCSSD #16
  • Brandy Pyle, Light of Christ RCSSD #16
  • Cal Fendelet, Lloydminster RCSSD #89
  • Dwight Guy, Christ the Teacher RCSSD #212
  • Erin Gibson, Christ the Teacher RCSSD #212

18-Year Long-Service Awards:


  • Diane Boyko, St. Paul’s RCSSD #20
  • Teresa Van De Sype, Holy Family RCSSD #140
  • Adrienne Welter, Light of Christ RCSSD #16


  • Karen Melle, Holy Family RCSSD #140

Life Membership 2022:

  • Vicky Bonnell, Regina RCSSD #81

SCSBA President’s Gavel


  • Delmer Wagner, Holy Trinity RCSSD #22


  • Vicky Bonnell, Regina RCSSD #81

2019 SCBSA Awards

SCSBA Banquet Program 2019


SCSBA Long Service Awards:

Award Nomination Form

Awarded in recognition of long service as a trustee of a member board of the Association. Awards will be granted for nine and eighteen years of service deemed recognizable by the local school board and the SCSBA officers (President, Vice President, Past President and Executive Director). The trustee must be nominated by a member board and/or the SCSBA Board of Directors.

1. SCSBA Nine Year Service Awards:

  • Patricia Zaryski from Christ the Teacher RCSSD #212
  • Bev Hickie from Holy Family RCSSD #140

2. SCSBA Eighteen Year Awards:

  • Jerome Sidloski from Holy Family RCSSD #140
  • Mary Jane Benesh from Holy Trinity RCSSD #22

3. Life Membership:

Paula Scott from Lloydminster Catholic School Division RCSSD#89 and current president of the CCSTA (Canadian Catholic Schools Trustee’s Association)

Awarded to the Past President of the Association in recognition of dedicated service to the Association, as evidenced in:

  • faithful commitment to Association business(allowing priority of time commitment to attend meeting and functions of the Association);
  • constant accomplishment of all special duties assigned to the President (both in local communication in a public relations capacity for the Association, and in overall dedication to special assignments and duties);
  • supportive and continuous service to Catholic Education, as expressed through the Association; and
  • personal leadership on the Board of Directors, enabling the Association to progress and grow.

4. SCSBA President’s Gavel:

Vicky Bonnell from Regina Catholic Schools, RCSSD#81

Awarded to the outgoing SCSBA President

Past Year’s Awards:

2018 SCSBA Awards

2017 SCSBA Awards

2016 SCSBA Awards

2015 SCSBA Awards