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Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen's Letter to Chief Cadmus and the People of Cowessess First Nation


Catholic Bishops of Saskatchewan Letter to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities; Families and Citizens




On February 25, 2021, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed Good Spirit (Public) School Division's application for leave to appeal the Theodore case to the Supreme Court of Canada. This means that the unanimous decision of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal that overturned the April 2017 trial decision stands. Good Spirit has exhausted their legal options, and the decision of the Appeal Court remains the law in Saskatchewan—which can be considered a victory for both religious and parental rights and freedoms. The statement can be found here  and from the Supreme Court of Canada here.
Background information on the Theodore case can be found at


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Salt and Light TV: Perspectives


Fr. Joseph Ackerman, OSB, died this morning, Sept. 22, 2021, in hospital, at the age of 97. May Fr. Joseph rest in peace and rise in glory.
Details about the funeral are still to be announced.

Let us #PrayTogether, asking the Holy Spirit that the seeds sown during the #ApostolicJourney to #Budapest and #Slovakia might bear good fruit in the People of God.

Saints are witnesses whom we venerate and who in thousands of different ways bring us to Jesus Christ, the only Lord and Mediator between God and humanity. They remind us that holiness can blossom even in our lives, however weak and marked by sin. #SaintMatthew

It was a gruelling course, in hot, windy weather, but Bishop Mark Hagemoen succeeded, crossing the finish line at the Beaver Flat 50 run Sept. 18. During his 50km Trek, the bishop was running and praying for the Catholic TRC Healing Response:

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The Saskatchewan Bishop's Letter for Catholic Education Week 2021.

SCSBA/Canadian Catholic Schools

The splendor of colours atop trees are a sure sign autumn has arrived. It's nature reminder of the passing of seasons and to care for our planet. #AutumnEquinox #Nature #Beauty #CatholicEd

Involvement in athletics and team sports encourages our students to be active and helps them to develop leadership skills and team work. The Blues name originated in reference to the blue colour that is synonymous with Mother Teresa Sisters of Charity.

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotton that we belong to each" St Teresa of Calucutta
We must remember peace is valuable asset and component of our Catholic faith. #CatholicEd #Faith #BeKind

St Matthew was a disciple of Jesus and witnessed the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven. St Matthew is the Patron Saint of Bankers and Tax Collectors. #FeastDay #StMatthew #Bankers #CatholicEd

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