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Salt and Light TV: Perspectives


Need something to do with the kids this weekend? We created a downloadable file on our Instagram page (bio). Tag us in your creations and we will share them in our stories!🖍️🎨

Artwork by @rawryandpohly

#StayHome #FlattenTheCurve #SocialDistance #yqrdt #yqr #WhereItsAtDT

Dear friends, good evening! This evening I have the chance to enter your homes in a different way than usual. If you allow me, I would like to have a conversation with you for a few moments

We are hoping our "fun"raiser will help add some FUN into all of this ISOLATION! Feeling STIR CRAZY? Then go stir crazy in your own kitchen! Munch Spring Fun-Raiser!… #FoodMakingaDifference #MunchSpringFunRaiser2020 @BigSisRegina @WoodyJackfm @CFSRegina

Today I would like to thank all new mothers who confront understandable fears. Thank you, as well, to those who affectionately and competently support them. The children born during this time of the #coronavirus are a sign of great hope.

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SCSBA/Canadian Catholic Schools

I am so proud of my St. Pats crew and the entire @CDSBEO staff for pulling together and accomplishing awesomeness for our students and families. The boat goes in the water Monday morning! Let’s go! ⛵️💪💫 #4thestudents #4theparents #wemissyou

As we come to the end of our second week of distance learning I just wanted to recognize my principals as well as all of our amazing #OCSB principals who are working so hard to be sure staff & families are feeling informed and well during this time. I appreciate you so much!🌼🥰

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There are some who are already thinking about after the epidemic, and all the problems that will arise regarding poverty, work, hunger. Let us #PrayTogether for all the people who are helping today, but who are also thinking about how to help all of us tomorrow.

May our Christian existence be like that of our father Abraham: aware of having been chosen, joyful in moving toward a promise, and faithful in fulfilling the covenant. #HomilySantaMarta

These days of pain and sadness are bringing many hidden problems in society to the surface. We ask St Teresa of Calcutta to reawaken in us the sense of nearness to so many persons who are hidden in normal life, such as the homeless. #PrayTogether

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