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Let us place our trust in the Lord of the universe, who loves us immensely and knows that we can build something wonderful, something eternal with Him. The lives of the saints show us this in a most beautiful way. #GeneralAudience

I wish you all a good #Advent journey made up of many small gestures of #peace every day: welcoming gestures, gestures of understanding, closeness, forgiveness, and service... Gestures from the heart, like steps towards Bethlehem, towards Jesus, the King of peace.

Simbang Gabi 2022 - a novena celebrating Mass Dec. 15-23, leading up to Christmas - held at two locations in Saskatoon Dec. 15-23 - https://youtu.be/8PanltL7-Zg via @YouTube Details: https://rcdos.ca/event/simbang-gabi-pre-christmas-novena-of-masses-2/ #simbanggabi

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SCSBA/Canadian Catholic Schools

💻 Laptops and technology are utilized on a regular basis to help engage and provide students with an enriched learning experience.

🎁 Your support can provide two students with a new laptop - https://bit.ly/3VPdDmY

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas! Saint Nicholas is a reminder to each of us to keep in mind those most in-need this Advent and Christmas Season. For more about celebrating St. Nicholas and other Advent traditions, check out our Advent article: http://ow.ly/fF9V50LOTpZ

We are grateful to our wonderful donors and the support we have received from our match donor @Enbridge during the 12 Days of Giving ❤️

We have reached our second goal of raising $15,000! Your kindness has unlocked the second Singing Star video featuring @CostaMaragos 🎶

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Today, the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund has launched its website in English https://www.irfund.ca/ and in French https://www.irfund.ca/FR

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