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Salt and Light TV: Perspectives


Trustees are hearing the latest pandemic response plan report. Report includes ongoing work for supplemental learning; continuing to provide nutrition and learning kits; high school grad processes; and planning for next school year.

With municipal elections (which includes Board of Education elections) scheduled for Nov 9, trustees review an info package and changes to the Local Government Elections Act. Here's your invitation to consider representing Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools as a trustee.

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SCSBA/Canadian Catholic Schools

Thanks @WillfulWills for working with @CAGP_ACPDP on this video Q&A to help your clients and all Canadians leave a charitable legacy!

ICYMI: The @CommFdnsCanada #ECSFund webinar takes place at 10am this morning!

If you work with a charitable organization supporting vulnerable populations amid COVID-19, sign up to learn more about the fund and how to apply:

I love these words. 💕Every single one. What are you? Who are you? Choose those words well, choose them wisely, and live up to ✨“I am…” ✨with conviction. It’s the only way to do it. All in. xo

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #inspo

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Diocese of Mont-Laurier united to Diocese of Saint-Jérôme “in persona episcopi” – appointment of the Most Rev. Raymond Poisson as Bishop of Mont-Laurier

A Church that is mother follows the path of tenderness and compassion. A son or daughter of the Church is therefore meek, tender, smiling, and full of love. #MaryMotherOfTheChurch

The Holy Spirit assures us that we are not alone, that God sustains us. Dear friends, we must give in turn the gift that we have received: we are called to share the comfort of the Spirit, the closeness of God.

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