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Salt and Light TV: Perspectives


We are processing this difficult and important information regarding Jean Vanier. We are praying for healing for all affected and stand by the victims.
A letter from our leadership at L'Arche Internationale can be found here:

On the feast of the #ChairOfSaintPeter, we give thanks to God for the mission entrusted to the apostle Peter and his successors: to gather His people from among the nations and guide them in charity and truth along the path of salvation.

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SCSBA/Canadian Catholic Schools

I had a busy Friday in North Battleford with MLA Herb Cox as we visited John Paul II Collegiate, the Battlefords Trade and Education Centre and local businesses.

We also met with the municipal leaders from both @citynb and @TBattleford

It is becoming increasingly clear why @BernieSanders started referring to “billionaires” as the enemy, when he used to always call out “millionaires.” Probably because he’s a millionaire himself, with 3 homes.
And guess how he got rich? Just from being a politician all his life.

Thank you to @archbsmith and @PereRoger2 for a wonderful Confirmation Mass here in #Wetaskiwin tonight! These youth are amazing and talking about Instagram tonight with friends. Wonderful to see so many youth active in our Catholic community and the boys loved serving along side.

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To follow Jesus we must take three steps: draw close to Him to know Him better, confess - with the strength of the Holy Spirit - that He is the Son of God, and accept the path of humility and humiliation that He chose for the redemption of humanity. #HomilySantaMarta

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." The "earth" to conquer is the salvation of our brother and sister. There is no earth better than someone's heart, no land more beautiful to gain than peace renewed with a brother or sister. This is the earth to inherit.

Every one of us has something that has hardened within our heart. The medicine to combat hardheartedness is memory: recalling the blessings of the Lord. This keeps our heart open and faithful. #HomilySantaMarta

Today it would do us good to think - as an act of gratitude to God - about those who accompany us on our journey through life: family members, friends, colleagues... The Lord wants us to be together as a people. Thank you, Lord, for never leaving us alone! #HomilySantaMarta

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