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Salt and Light TV: Perspectives


Those who reason using human logic, that is, the logic of the merits acquired through one’s own greatness, from being first, find themselves last. Instead, those who humbly entrust themselves to the Father’s mercy, from being last, find themselves first (see Mt 20:1-16)

What a great lineup of speakers! #OblateYouth and Young Adult Virtual Conference Series @omiyouthusa To register email More info here: @FrRobGalea Sept 21 @pjkmusic Oct 14 @FatherLeoFeeds Nov 2 Oblate #MissionWithYouth

Thankyou Main Centre and area!!

Grow Hope supporter Sara Holfeld says:

“This is community.
This is love in action. This is how we change the world - we Grow Hope by coming together to make a difference!”
#harvest20 @Foodgrains @MCCSask @saskatooncath

Grow Hope #Sask at Main Centre harvested 125 ac of 45 bu canola....kept carta&trucks busy!
To the Sieberts, Holfelds,Redekopps & others, congrats on enriching community and helping extend #foodsecurity to many others #harvest20 #MCCSask @saskatooncath @Foodgrains

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SCSBA/Canadian Catholic Schools

A message from Marianne Mazzorato, Ed.D., DPCDSB Director of Education is shared with the DPCDSB community today.


IMPORTANT : Waiting for #COVID19 results? Please, pick up the phone for blocked/private numbers. They may be coming from OPH case managers. They will leave a voicemail BUT it may take several hours before your call is returned. #HelpUsHelpYou

NOTE: You must still self-isolate

Symptoms included in the #COVID19 screening tool may not always be cause for testing. If your child(ren) typically has symptoms due to allergies or a known underlying cause, it does not require a #COVID19 test.

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Everyone is important in God’s eyes, everyone can transform a part of the world polluted by human voracity into the good reality willed by the Creator. #SeasonOfCreation

Contemplation, which leads us to an attitude of care, is not a question of looking at nature from the outside, as if we were not immersed in it. But we are inside nature, we are part of nature. #SeasonOfCreation #GeneralAudience

As many spiritual masters have taught us, heaven, earth, sea, and every creature have an iconic capacity or mystical capacity to bring us back to the Creator and to communion with creation. #SeasonOfCreation #GeneralAudience

Climate restoration is of utmost importance for the Earth's future. Thus, I invite all nations to adopt more ambitious national targets to reduce emissions. #SeasonOfCreation

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