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Bishop Bayda meets Pope Francis

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Men, women, and children with Down Syndrome have many unique gifts to offer their communities. When we open ourselves to the contributions of each person, we create a more just, vibrant, and caring world for all.
#LeaveNoOneBehind #WorldDownSyndromeDay #WDSD19

Please keep the clergy in the @SaskatoonCath Diocese in your prayers today as we study the sad reality of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada.

This Lenten series at Queen's House begins Saturday, March 23 with Ukrainian Catholic Bishop Bryan Bayda and Lutheran Bishop Sid Haugen. Contact Queen's House to register:

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Our Divisions' News

Hoopla Live Feeds: @StoonPubSchools @GSCSNews

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination...Grades 4-8 students from a # of elementary schools met & shared ideas; goal to eliminate racism & make our community a better place. It takes courage to make change. #yxe #spslearn @GSCSNews #IDERD @StoonPubSchools

Congrats to Living in Harmony Award recipients from @EcoJusticeClass located at St. Frances school! Students recognized work on "I am the bridge to ending racism" & teacher Mel Sysing got community award for outstanding individual for efforts in promoting inter-cultural harmony

Congratulations to Addison, a former student from our Functional Integrated Program. #SpecialOlympicsWorldGames2019

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#Lent is rediscovering that we are made for the flame that always burns: for God, for the eternity of Heaven, and not for the world.

Saint Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary, watch over the whole Church always, and protect Her in every moment.

How do we not judge, not condemn, and forgive? "Give and it will be given to you": be generous in giving. Not only material alms, but spiritual alms too: spend time with someone in need, visit someone who is sick, offer a smile. #SantaMarta

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops–Canadian Rabbinic Caucus Dialogue open event in Toronto, Monday 8 April at 7:00 p.m. "In Pursuit of Redemption: Where is Redemption Found in the Jewish and Catholic Traditions?" @CCCB_CECC @CanadianRabbis

At the beginning of Lent, it would do us good to ask for the grace to preserve the memory of all that the Lord has done in our lives, of how He has loved us. #SantaMarta

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