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Season of Creation

Just because the #seasonofcreation is over doesn't mean that St. Luke's isn't still paying attention to environmental concerns. Thanks @faithinplace for keeping up the good work.

Sobre los #DerechosHumanos el #Voluntario las #ClimateStrike que se realizan en todo el #Mundo las diferentes organizaciones que hacen vida en el #Zulia #Maracaibo en #DDHH y @Codhez ¡¡TODOS FORTALECIENDO A LA SOCIEDAD!! #Planeta #SeasonOFCreation #Venezuela #ConversionEcologica

I’ve read, as children of God, brothers and sisters, and stewards of creation. In this #SeasonOfCreation, I invite everyone to dedicate their lives to serving others.

"Jae, T & Scott, we far but I'm hearing you"

The Pope's new book, "Our Mother Earth", is a great compilation of past papal eco-messages, plus an unpublished text and a preface by the Ecumenical Patriarch.

My personal favorite: the book's back cover, focused on the #SeasonOfCreation!

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Season of Creation Resources

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Salt and Light TV: Perspectives


Let us pause at #GospelofToday (John 1,29-34), perhaps even contemplating an icon of Christ, Son of God made lamb, to free us from evil. Yes, we are still poor sinners but not slaves, no, but children, children of God!

As Christians around the world celebrate the Week of Prayer for #ChristianUnity (January 18-25, 2020), we pray for the gift of #hospitality, which is the gift of welcoming, and the gift of #generosity. #catholicTO #WPCU2020

🇨🇦 Health authorities have threatened to withdraw funding from a #hospice in Vancouver which refuses to violate its charter by providing #euthanasia.

Whoever has faith feels a great need for God and, in our own smallness, we surrender ourselves, trusting fully in Him.

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News Release Following 2020 Meeting of the Coordination of Episcopal Conferences in Support of the Church in the Holy Land

Jesus looks at the paralytic and focuses on what is essential: "Your sins are forgiven". Physical health is a gift that we must preserve but the Lord teaches us that we must also preserve the health of the heart, spiritual health. #HomilySantaMarta

The Most Reverend Kenneth Nowakowski Appointed Eparchial Bishop for the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London (United Kingdom)

Jesus had authority because there was consistency in what he taught and what he did, in how he lived. Authority is seen in this: consistency and witness. #HomilySantaMarta

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