The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), through its Commission for Doctrine, has released a new document, titled Science and Catholic Faith. Illustrated with colourful posters, it is intended for students at the secondary school level, who, when learning about their faith, often ask the question, “Are faith and science compatible?”. It can be read on its own or can be used as a tool to support science and religious education courses.

The booklet is now available for purchase from CCCB Publications (click image above) as can some posters and a basic non-illustrated version of the document.

They are available below for your convenience:

Science and Catholic Faith 185-124

DNA 184-968_Poster_1

Big Bang Theory 184-968_Poster_2

Got Pasturized Milk 184-968_Poster_3

Father of Genetics 184-968_Poster_4

Moon Craters 184-968_Poster_5

Science and Religion 184-968_Poster_6