The purpose of permeation is to make our faith part of every lesson we teach. It is the sharing of our core religious values with our students. We look for authentic ways to share our faith.

Permeating Faith Through Connections to Religion Class

Faith permeation can include making connections between current Religious Education programming and other subject areas. The Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ program is divided into five units over the course of the year, corresponding to the seasons of the Liturgical Year.

  • Unit 1 – Ordinary Time (September – November)
  • Unit 2 – Advent and Christmas (December – early January)
  • Unit 3 – Ordinary Time (January – February)
    • End of unit depends on when Lent begins
  • Unit 4 – Lent and Easter (approximately mid-February through late March)
    • Start and end date depend on when Lent begins and Easter is celebrated
  • Unit 5 – Easter Season and Ordinary Time (April – June)
    • Start date depends on when Easter is celebrated

Use this resource to infuse Catholic faith in all subject areas. This resource provides ideas for Catholic faith permeation in the grade one classroom environment.

Grade 6 Religion Outcomes

This short summary outlines what students will be learning in Religious Education programming over the course of the year.

  • Unit 1 – God Calls Us to Know Him
    Explain ways which God calls us to know Him.
  • Unit 2 – O Come, Divine Messiah
    Explore how the Holy Family helps us to know and love God.
  • Unit 3 – Answering God’s Call to Serve
    Examine how we answer God’s call to service.
  • Unit 4 – Take Up Your Cross
    Investigate how our journey through Lent and Easter helps us follow God’s will to live a moral life.
  • Unit 5 – Gather Us Together
    Explore how we live our mission to honour dignity through justice and service.

Full Resource Available

With outcomes, ideas, lesson plans and more for grade six.