Music Planning:

Canadian Bishop’s Conference (CCCB):
Guidelines for Liturgical MusicHymn Suggestions from the Catholic book of Worship III 
Hymn Recordings from CBW III 
CCCB: Liturgical Music Guidelines

Archdiocese of Regina: Hymn Suggestions for Sunday Masses

As One Voice Liturgical song suggestions from a major Australian publisher.

CanticaNOVA publications Music and liturgical suggestions for Year A,  Year B   and Year C, from an American company specialising in quality / traditional music.  Strong emphasis on Latin and official texts.

Free-to-use Sunday Hymn Suggestions

ICEL – Music for the Roman Missal : The music and texts at this ICEL site may be reproduced free of charge in printed form, for non-commercial purposes, in publications not for sale, by parishes, dioceses, schools, and religious communities, provided that the copyright acknowledgment which appears at the foot of each page is included.

Liturgy Music Planner A set of suggestions from the Archdiocese of Southwark, in England.   Includes traditional hymns, and also more popular folk-hymn genre suggestions. (Look for an up-do-date link in the lower-left side on their page)

Living Liturgy A regular seasonal newsletter from an Australian diocese:  includes various seasonal prayers and a detailed Sunday planner.’s own listing of hymns that match the Sunday reading themes, and are free from copyright.   Based in Ireland, but drawing suggestions from various English-speaking sources

Music for Mass:  Settings of the psalm and gospel acclamation produced by Kate Keefe, a musician in the United Kingdom.   Includes settings for both UK, US and now some Canadian settings are on the way. Focuses on simple, singable tunes.

Music Ministry A comprehensive set of suggestions from an Australian parish

Music Ministry Suggestions from Mount Carmelan interesting resource – there are some differences between us and Canadian lectionary choices – check before you plunge in.

Music Repertoire Suggestions Suggestions from the Diocese of Wollongong in Australia, from a Core Repertoire they have established. Based on the readings and the Propers / Antiphons for the day.

National Association of Church Musicians planning calendar Suggestions from a membership-based American Catholic church musician support organization.

PraySingMinistry Settings of the Psalms from the Phillipines.  Some in Tagalog, some in English.

St Louis Jesuits Sunday web-site The Music of Sunday’s Mass page has some helpful links, including “Sunday’s music in parishes” which lists the music being used in a number of American parishes each week.

Top Catholic Songs This website is a place where people can discover and appreciate Catholics songs both old and new. Top Catholic Songs helps Catholic songwriters, song leaders, catechists and group leaders with song selection, songwriting, do-it-yourself song notation (with Sibelius) and promotion. Catholic artists share talents, tips, influences, favorite songs or stories related to their journey in music. The lists of songs we publish are dynamically connected to iTunes where a seeker of quality Catholic music can listen, purchase music tracks, burn a CD and continue discovering new artists.

Voices As One Suggestions from a American publications company, focusing on the contemporary Christian music (CCM) genre.