Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ – new Religion Program resources from Pearson Publishing!

  1. Pearson’s Lent Resource links to curriculum
  2. Pearson’s e-newsletters with resources, updates and links.
  3. Bishops’ statement on the new program
  4. Teacher login: to access the digital content of the program click on this link   Each division has it’s own access protocols.
  5. Pearson’s Catholic resources
  6. Eastern Rite resources: Liturgical calendar and references for Grades 1 and 2
  7. Guidelines for teaching a grade 1/2 split
  8. Guidelines for teaching a grade 2/3 split
  9. Lenten Resources fro Growing in Faith 2017

Born of the Spirit – previous religion program slowly being phased out- scope and sequence

Celebrating the Good News – handing on the Good News celebration.