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A Leap of Faith

Good news from Vanier Collegiate in Moose Jaw, SK!  This year, we decided to really go out on a limb and make big changes to our Christian Ethics program.  In the past, Christian Ethics was taught by a select few teachers and was semesterized.  This year, all teachers are teaching the program every day throughout the entire school year and it has made such a positive difference in our school culture. The best part of this huge change is that now the whole school is participating in the Liturgical Calendar of the Church Year together.  As Christian Ethics is taught by all teachers 35 minutes daily, this means we can now celebrate Advent/Christmas and Lent/ Easter, as well as many other important feast days together as an entire community, not having to leave out half of the school because they “don’t have Christian Ethics this semester.”  Vanier’s teachers have been keen to take on this new subject area.  They are excited about their professional and spiritual growth because of this new layout.  Students also enjoy having Christian Ethics daily.  They like the shorter class periods but more frequent Christian Ethics classes as it gives them time to process the information in smaller “bites”.  Overall, Vanier’s desire to spread the Good News has been successful and rewarding to both staff and students.  We are also excited to implement the new Catholic Studies curriculum in the fall.  Vanier’s staff and administration team know that our leap of faith this year has been guided by Christ, praise be!


-Lisa Busta, Chaplain
Vanier Collegiate
Moose Jaw, SK

September 2015

Renee Lewko a grade 1 teacher from St. Agnes School in Moose Jaw had this good news story to share. It happened at their first school mass of the year in September. She tells us:

I took a child to St. Joseph’s this morning for her first ever mass. After the processional hymn she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said,
“This place is just so beautiful it’s going to make me cry.” I was so moved by the joy and awe in her eyes I said, “Yes it is hun.” We hugged and both cried.