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April 2020 – What’s been going on ….
LCSD April 21_2020
June 2019:

60th Anniversay

December 2018:

Merry Christmas from our LCSD Family to Yours!
Here are a few short videos to highlight the great work our staff and students this season.

The 12 Grades of Christmas

Girls Rock

Boys to Gentleman Conference

Christmas Learning at Mother Teresa

We are “Many, Many and One”

An LCSD Catholic Moment

LCSD Nominates Great Kids

School of Global Media Studies Program Highlight


Be the One

Be the One. Be the One to make a positive difference in someone’s day. Stand up and say something when you have the power to truly be there for another person. You can make an impact with even the smallest gesture. Students from Holy Rosary High School and the HRHS SCC were involved in championing this movement as well as writing the script …

Holy Rosary Halloweens for Hunger


We Love Our Catholic Schools

Thank you to the 2018-2019 Board of Trustees for giving all Kindergarten students at LCSD the book, “I Love my Catholic School” by Carol Bryden and Dianne Lloyd. Illustrations are by Jeremy Bruneel.

Beyond the Classroom: It’s Education Week!

May 2016:

This is a submission from Fr. Gorman Community School for the Faith in our Students project.