Faith Development Suggested Speakers – presenters local and other that some in our divisions have found useful ( and we share them with you as a courtesy not a recommendation/endorsement) :

  • Steve Angrisano  Always rooted in a spirit of humility and faithfulness, Steve’s easy, honest style of ministry is born from who he is: a committed witness to the life and love of Jesus Christ.
  • Greg Boyle amazing and inspirational especially – check out the link at Home-Boy industries.
  • John Burland is an educator and composer who has been writing and recording religious music for children and adults for over twenty years. Each year John travels to more than one hundred Catholic communities celebrating our Catholic Faith through the gifts of music and song.
  • Hudson Byblow: staff. See more at
  • Carla Carlson  staff . Utilizing the stories of people she has encountered through her practice, Carla inspires the people to consider the many different ways we respond to life’s challenges.
  • Sean Forrest: staff and teens. See more at
  • Sister Clare Fitzgerald: staff. This is a link to a presentation of 2015
  • Father Rob Galea: Brief summary here of this dynamic Australian priest and musician!
  • Judy MacDonald: staff, parents & teens. Judy is a Catholic comedian. We haven’t yet hosted her but she has been a speaker at the L.A.Congress. We plan to have her deliver the opening keynote of the School Communities Council Conference in North Battleford in March. See more at
  • Michael Mangan is a composer, teacher and music liturgist who is based in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Mark Miller is the author of books and numerous articles on Bioethics.
  • Jessie Manibusan:  a composer, singer/songwriter, storyteller, humorist, catechist, evangelizer and encourager.
  • Mike Patin uses energy, humor and stories to affirm God’s goodness and presence among us while inviting others (and himself) to take the “next step” in our journey with  God.
  • Roy Petitfils: staff, parents, teens. See more at Raising & Understanding Teenagers
  • Leah Perrault Barefoot and preaching.
  • Brett Powell: Please meet Brett at:
  • Andre Regnier: staff & teens. See more at
    Jeff Lockert: staff & teens. See more at
    Both Andre and Jeff are originally from Saskatchewan. They are both internationally respected speakers, trainers, and leaders in the church.
  • Ron Rolheiser    Saskatchewan born near Macklin. A practical and spiritual man who leads many towards the mystery of God’s love for us.
  • Brett Salkeld – A Catholic way of Kowing  – free faith permeation webinar.