Small Acts with Great Love Make a Difference

Feb 5, 2024 | Light of Christ Catholic School Division

We are reminded often in the Bible that serving is one of the most important principles to live by. Serve is one of our three foundational pillars at Light of Christ Catholic Schools (LOCCS) and is also a central part of our faith theme Illuminated by the Light of Christ, we pray in faith, educate in strength, and serve in love. At LOCCS we strongly believe in the importance of service and seek ways to support our communities through service and volunteerism initiatives.

Our schools fully embrace this and have been actively engaged in finding ways to serve others in this first half of the school year. Collections of goods is one of the initiatives schools have engaged in to make an impact on our community. They have had many food, clothing, and toy drives to support non-profit organizations and those in need in our communities. The collection of funds for various initiatives and non-profit organizations within our communities and for global initiatives has also been a focus.

Volunteerism is another main component of service that our schools embrace. Some of the many activities undergone so far this year include visiting seniors, community clean-ups, helping at local food banks, cleaning in churches and senior homes, making and delivering cards to community members, making ornaments for seniors, decorating Christmas trees, helping at the Humane Society, helping with parish Fall Suppers, and kindness acts projects.

LOCCS students and staff value their opportunities to serve, volunteer, help, and connect with their community. They are committed to making our communities and the world a better place.

Small Acts with Great Love Make a Difference

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