Rooted in Faith; Rooted in the Prairies

Nov 14, 2023 | Good News, Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division

Georges Vanier Catholic Fine Arts Schools is now displaying a school-wide art project in the front foyer of the school

It is inspired by our school division’s theme this year, which is “Rooted in Faith”. Prairie grasses are notoriously hardy and the roots have to be resilient to endure the extremes of our climate here in Saskatchewan. These grasses not only add beauty to our landscape but also provide animals with food to eat, and materials with which to build their nests.

Over the course of the summer, Mrs. Anderson (a teacher at the school) harvested the grass from her yard, stripped them of leaves and sorted them into groups based on length. The shorter stalks of grass were used by younger students, and the taller stalks were used by older students.

On the first day of school this year, students and staff each painted a stalk of grass. Then they wrote their name on a cross and attached it to their stalk with a piece of string.

The strings represent the roots of the grass, and each student is represented by their stalk of grass. Mrs. Anderson combined the grass into two larger pieces that join each stalk into a beautiful representation of the school community.

Mrs. Anderson would like to thank our staff at Georges Vanier for helping complete the stalks of grass with their students, and Mrs. Obridgewitsch and Mr. Hurman for helping put up the art in the foyer.

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