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May 9, 2023 | Good News, Holy Family Catholic School Division

St.Augustine School Wilcox, SK

The St. Augustine School Mission Statement reads, “We truly believe in a positive, caring, Christian environment which promotes respect for self and others in order that each of us may develop our God given gifts to the fullest and contribute to the quality and success of our school community…” The entire statement is recited weekly at our Friday assembly as an affirmation for the students to believe in themselves and all of the positive things they do both inside and out of the school.

This year, before our student-led conferences, the students were invited to share at assembly what they were most proud of. Whether it was a major academic accomplishment or a “personal best” they achieved, we took the time as a school to celebrate the God-given gifts these young people have to share with the world.

We took this concept a bit farther by placing a display at the front of the school, during student-led conferences, for the parents and guardians of the students to share what they are most proud of. They wrote their responses on sticky notes and posted them on the board for all to see. The heartwarming comments left by the families were well received and a true testament to the gifts our wonderful students have been given!

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