DO-NUT Forget to Spread Kindness

Apr 28, 2022 | Good News, Lloydminster Catholic School Division

Mother Teresa ECEC and Lloydminster Sobeys teamed up to spread kindness in throughout our community in February! The school started by learning about our local Sobeys bakery. Students watched a video about how the grocery store makes and fills all the orders and were able to ask questions on the process. Each class then designed their own original donut. Every element of the design had meaning and purpose. Then each class also picked a non-profit or special cause in the community. Meaningful conversations, research and working together as a team was incredible to see.  For three weeks, the student’s donut creations could be bought at Sobeys and the results and numbers were truly incredible but it was how the school worked together as one to support others that was so special.

* Week 1 together we raised $1380
* Week 2 together we raised $1162
* Week 3 together we raised $880
* $3422 raised for 6 non-profits/organizations
* 1369 packages of 4 donuts sold
* 5476 individual donuts sold
* 263 lbs of donut icing used
* 60 lbs of chocolate fudge icing used
* 10 lbs of sprinkles used

A ton of joy was spread throughout our great City and we want to thank every person who made it possible. Special thanks to the Rusteika family and Sobeys Lloydminster.

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