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Lent and Easter


Lent and Easter and colouring pages


A digital Fast? Week 1 bundle Week 2 bundle: Part 1 and Part 2  Week 3 bundle  Week 4 Prayer (video links in document)

Colouring pages

Holy Week and Easter

  • MAX7 a Christian site – check it out (you may need a free registration but it seems like a good clean site 🙂 ) :

Easter: 7 Ways BibleMax –  5 lessons, family supplement, varied activities, easy to follow plans
The Easter Story –  4 animations, 3 lesson plans, worksheets for multiple age groups
Easter News – 8 videos and scripts, style of modern journalism
Easter Story in photos – real photos taken in Israel in 2011
Catholic Tool Box – Holy Week and Easter ideas

And then there is the pile of Pintrest – be careful 🙂