SHINE program gets 15K investment

Oct 31, 2022 | Good News, Lloydminster Catholic School Division

The SHINE program is getting a $15,000 injection from RIFE Resources to support the Move Your Mood program.

SHINE has programs for students in both Lloydminster school divisions to foster strong, healthy individuals navigating emotions, according to its acronym.

The Move Your Mood program uses physical activity and promotes healthy lifestyle habits to build the mental and physical well-being of students.

Erica Leniczek, SHINE wellness coach with the Lloydminster Catholic School Division says it’s about using movement to influence the mental health of the kids.

“We start with that warm up. We go through the movement piece which is usually some kind of fun game. It’s interactive. They get to collaborate with one another. Then we go through the mental health piece which is largely mindfulness-based; staying connected to the present moment – to what is happening right now. Learning how to do breathing techniques – grounding techniques.”

Leniczek adds there is a nutrition piece and they end with a craft or fun activity. She jokes,”We send them off on their way after they are nice and calm. We always rile them up. Make it really fun and get their energy going – and then we calm them down afterwards.”

The Move your Mood program runs over eight-weeks.

Overall, “the SHINE program provides proactive strategies and supportive programming for our elementary students’ mental health,” says Brent Thomas, superintendent of education with the Lloydminster Public School Division.

In making the contribution, RIFE Resources spokesperson Trista Brewer revealed that her son benefitted from the program. She says her company, which is an oil and gas operation, wanted ways to support mental health as communities deal with the societal impacts of the last two-years.

“We as a committee felt so strongly about the prevention aspect and helping kids that are struggling right now, before it becomes a really big issue later on in life.”

The management team at RIFE is committing to supporting the mental health efforts both on the job for their staff and as well in the communities where the company operates, says Brewer.

The SHINE program is operational in 11 elementary schools in Lloydminster.

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