Experiencing Hope, Excitement & Warmth at St. Augustine School

Dec 8, 2021 | Good News, Holy Family Catholic School Division

 When walking through the hallways of St. Augustine School one discovers that the feelings of warmth, excitement and hope are embedded not only in the students and staff, but in the physical building to which we gather. A giant rainbow is displayed on a bulletin board for all to see; a rainbow of hope, a rainbow of peace, a rainbow of unity. 

As the 2021-22 school year started, the St. Augustine Staff was determined to make this year hope-filled and peaceful where the students and staff could join together to celebrate all of our students and their abilities. They truly were focusing on the rainbow at the end of the storm rather than any of the dark clouds that may loom over them throughout the year. The concept of ARC DAY was introduced. ARC – Accepting, Respecting and Celebrating Diversity – would take place all year as a means to recognize the God-given gifts and abilities that make each and every student who walks through the St. Augustine School doors a positive contributor to the culture and environment. 

The School Community Council purchased white t-shirts and tie-dye kits so that every student and staff member could tie-dye a shirt. This shirt was designed to be worn on the various days in the year that are celebrated as a school: Orange for Truth and Reconciliation, Pink for Bully Awareness, Blue for Autism Awareness, etc. On these specific calendar days, students are reminded that, although there may a single day set aside for acknowledgement, one should recognize them every day of every month of the year. 

Each month, an ARC DAY is hosted. Everyone is encouraged to wear their shirt and the staff facilitate an activity that has to do with developing relationships and connecting with peers, all the while celebrating all of the unique and special abilities each of our students have. 

God’s work is definitely evident in the wondrous efforts of students and staff during the celebrations! Much like a rainbow, they shine with hope, peace and joy. 

(Students share tie-dyed T’s)

(The ARC displayed)

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