Cards of thanks sent from students to health-care workers

Dec 3, 2021 | Good News, Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division

This story was originally published by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and is shared here with permission.

A group of students from Bethlehem Catholic High school in Saskatoon recently designed and sent 51 handmade cards and notes to the health-care workers at Saskatoon City Hospital (SCH).

Each card contained a heartfelt message from the students – from genuine “thank you” notes to longer messages of caring: “I have no idea who will be receiving this, all I’m told is that it’s a health care worker. I know that you work very hard on the job, and that you risk your physical and mental health every day. Thank you, not a shallow thank-you, truly thank you. Many people have lost people because of this, and there has been a lot of pain lately, but you have been saving people; your efforts have been worth it. Thank you.”

“I received a wrapped packaged addressed to health-care workers at Saskatoon City Hospital,” says Rosine Garabedian, Director, Site Lead for SCH. “When I opened the package, I saw these beautiful cards. Then I started reading them and I just couldn’t stop. I read every single one and felt the support flowing through the words. I spoke to the students and their staff leaders recently on the phone and told them the impact their kindness had on me and others who have read and will read their words of gratitude.”

The cards are displayed near the administration area so passers-by can see them and read the notes without having to handle the cards. A large white paper banner was also put up near the registration area of SCH, along with markers, so patients and their support people could write their own notes of thanks. Hand sanitizer and wipes were provided to clean the markers after use.

“Thanks for your hard work,” says one of the notes. “You guys are the best!!!” says another. “I appreciate your hard work,” “Thank you for your caring hands!” “Thank you to our heroes in scrubs!” “May you find new energy reserves!”

Thank you cards to SHA staff from Bethlehem Catholic High School students

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