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Saskatchewan Catholic Bishops’ response to Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: World Day of the Sick, February 11, 2017

A Statement to the Muslim community from the Catholic Bishops of Saskatchewan, January 30, 2017
plus  a sample prayer service for elementary schools (thanks RCSD)


A response to the Perrins Report and other SCSBA clarifications

Mission and Core Values

Vatican releases updated guidelines for bioethical questions + More here from RadioVaticana

Resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2017 : January 18 to 25, 2017, on the theme Reconciliation – The Love of Christ Compels Us (2 Corinthians 5:14-20).

CCCB : Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Bishops of Canada reflect on impact of legalized assisted suicide and on the 5th Centenary of the Protestant Reformation
 ➡  Saskatchewan Bishop’s letter of approval and support for the new Catholic Studies Curricula for grades 9-12.

Salt & Light Canadian: daily Catholic news:

Good News in Catholic Education:

Good News in Saskatchewan Catholic Schools

Vatican News


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