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Theodore Case

Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Ruling
 March 25, 2020









See also Open Catholic Education for a summary of things so far including the recent ruling.



Latest News

letter from Paula Scott

Education funding has been reduced in recent budgets, and Saskatchewan’s Catholic School Boards want to make sure the money we do have stays in the classroom. Knowing this, we are beginning a fundraising campaign to cover the legal cost of defending Catholic education in the province of Saskatchewan. Known as the “Theodore Case,” we are working to make sure all families who choose Catholic education have that choice. Legal costs are going up, and we need to reach a goal of $300,000 to support publicly funded Catholic education. We are determined and optimistic to reach this goal without affecting classrooms in our Catholic schools.

Paula Scott , President
October 10th, 2017


Theodore Court Case History and Background

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The Judgement:

Theodore judgement GSSD-v-CTT-2017-SKQB109-FINAL

Response to the recent judgement:

The Government of Saskatchewan to file an appeal to the judgement: Leader Post Article

theodoreresponsemay 17,2017

theodoreresponsemay 17,2017


Response of Paula Scott, President of SCSBA


SCSBA Media Release Theodore Case Appeal